It's a (sort of) jungle out there|selkie||09/26/06 at 17:03:15|selkie|xx|0||Pumas, lynx and vultures may not be creatures people would expect to see in England.

But according to experts they could all be out there - some as escapees from zoos or wildlife parks and others as unexplained secretive residents of rural regions.

Reports of a tiger spotted in Yorkshire earlier this year remain unconfirmed, but other less-threatening but similarly-unlikely species are believed to be making England their home.

The changing climate could be a reason why breeds of owl and water fowl not normally found in the UK have been seen in this country, according to zoologist Jacqueline Pearson.

She is head of waterfowl at Blackbrook Zoological Park in Staffordshire, from where a vulture named Bones escaped in August.

Bones has not been re-captured and reported sightings of him have suggested he could be on a moor a few miles away.

People keen to help have reported seeing vultures further afield, but Ms Pearson and her fellow zoo keepers believe those vultures, spotted in locations including Cornwall, Norfolk and north Wales, could not be Bones.

"Knowing Bones, he hasn't got the instinct to go that far," she said.

"It would be different with some other birds but vultures are not hunters, they live off carrion [carcasses of already dead animals].||