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(Luke Traynor, Liverpool Echo, Tue September 19, 2006)

Panthers, lions, leopards and other beasts are roaming our streets
according to reported sightings.

Police officers have been called to attend 25 incidents over the
past six years of danger animals padding across the region.

Calls made to Merseyside police about panthers are most common, with
glimpses of wild cats hot on its heels.

Last June a man reported seeing a 6ft panther making it's way down
the Loopline, a disused train line that links Knowsley to Sefton.

A month later, a woman from Croxteth called police to inform them
there were lions and tigers in the road.

Last September, a man claimed he had caught sight of a black panther
darting between the rocks on Egremont promenade in Liscard, Wirral.

He shone a torch at the creature, but it disappeared among the

Details of the reported beast sightings came from a Freedom of
Information request to police.

Other notable spots include:

#Two golden lions roaming around Mill Lane in Soupthport.

#A puma or panther running across the M58.

#A request for a police patrol after a puma was seen roaming on the
13th hole at Wirral Ladies Golf Club at Bidston Road, Oxton. Paw
prints were noticed on the green.

#A report from an ex-employee of Chester Zoo of a panther on the
loose near Hooten Park Lane.

But some of the alleged reports are definitely unbelievable.

In February, a Kirkby woman told bemused police officers that she
had spotted three leopards in her house.

But later, she admitted the dangerous creatures were "not in the
real world".

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