Big cat 'sightings' split opinion|Richard_F||10/02/06 at 11:03:47|richard_f|xx|0||Big cat 'sightings' split opinion
By Simon Bull

THE claim that big cats are on the prowl around north Kent has caused
a three-way split among News Shopper voters.

A leopard and a puma are said to have been spotted near Bluewater.

We asked if you believe the claim or whether you think it is a hoax.

Of the people who voted in our online poll, 36.1 per cent said they do
believe big cats are really out there on the loose.

The same number of people said it is possible but unlikely that
leopards and pumas are roaming in the wild of north Kent.

The final 27.9 per cent of voters said the big cat claim is just a
crazy hoax.

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|| Re: Big cat 'sightings' split opinion|retrocrypto||10/08/06 at 23:43:36|retrocrypto|xx|0||What a bunch of knobheads....||