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Sep 29, 2006 04:33 PM EDT
(Adams County-WANE)  After NewsChannel 15 aired video of a big cat sighting in Adams County, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the Adams County Sheriff's Department received phone calls from people who also claim to have seen the mysterious cat.  The big cat sightings have been taking place for about a year.  Now with the existence of video of the animal, there appears to be proof the cat really exists.  An Adams County resident and her daughter videotaped what appears to be a big cat on two separate occasions.  They're not sure if it's the same animal because one of the video sightings is very shaky.  NewsChannel 15 showed the video to an expert at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.  Mark Weldon says the animal could be a cougar or a leopard.  Kevin Pensinger, an officer with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources agrees the animal is a large cat, but he's not certain what kind.  The animal could have been someone's escaped pet.  Law requires people to register wild animals like cougars, but if someone had such an animal and it got loose they might not report it to authorities.