Residents say black panther was seen|Richard_F||11/05/06 at 23:31:27|richard_f|xx|0||From the Hillsdale (MI) Daily News: 2 Nov. 2006
Residents say black panther was seen

Jerry Champion was out near his home Tuesday morning with friends when he
said out in the wooded area behind his home he saw a large cat.

The animal was about 200-300 feet away from where Champion and his friends
and were sitting.

"Whatever it was, it was bigger than a big dog," said Champion, who saw the
animal while sitting outside his home on Chester Street.

Jeremiah Hodshire, Under-sheriff of the Hillsdale County sheriff's office,
said that while there have been no official reports of sightings into their
office it is possible for animals uncommon to Michigan, like a black
panther, to be roaming around, adding that there have been cases in the

Captain David Brauxmeir of the Hillsdale County sheriff's office said a
report did come in to their office Wednesday of a large cat sighting but
said there is no proof.

Brauxmeir said it certainly is not impossible for such an animal to be
running around, suggesting that it could have come from a residence that may
have purchased the exotic animal.

Joe Kellum, of Hillsdale County's DNR office, said there have been no
reports of a large cat sighting that he is aware of.

"Most of these type sightings turn out to be large dogs," said Kellum.

"There are a lot of wild dogs in the area."