Clinton Residents Report Seeing Big Cats|Richard_F||11/19/06 at 22:34:00|richard_f|xx|0||Clinton Residents Report Seeing Big Cats
Animal Control Officers, Police On Alert

CLINTON, Md. -- For the second time in a year, residents in Prince George's
County, Md., have reported sightings of at least one, and possibly two,
large wildcats in the county.

The sightings have been reported near Andrews Air Force Base, official said.

Residents in a Clinton neighborhood said they've seen a huge black or brown
cat on the streets and in back yards not far from the sprawling military

Last April, residents who live on the base reported seeing big cats. At that
time one of the cats was observed jumping a fence that separates the base
from surrounding neighborhoods.

Officials said witnesses have described the animals as being about the size
of panthers or cougars.

One Clinton resident said there used to be a lot of deer in their
neighborhood, but those animals have all but disappeared.

Prince George's animal control officers and police have been alerted.

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