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Some from as far away as California visit


November 16, 2006

Creature researcher Linda Godfrey believes Steven Krueger may have
seen a "bearwolf."

WEST BEND - The jury is still out as to the identity of a large
creature spotted near Station Way in the town of Erin on Nov. 9.

At around 1 a.m., a man contracted to pick up animal carcasses for the
state Department of Natural Resources stopped his truck on Highway
167, about a third of a mile east of Station Way to load a deer. As he
sat in the cab filling out the necessary paperwork, he felt the truck
rock and checked his mirror, seeing an animal reaching for the doe
with its front paws.

The incident, which some suggest could have involved Bigfoot, touched
off a media frenzy, bringing in hunters from as far away as

Bay-area-based Bigfoot hunter Thomas Biscardi visited the site most
recently early Wednesday morning, and has come to no conclusion on
whether or not this animal was Bigfoot.

"We have not found any hair samples or prints that could be cast and
analyzed," said Biscardi.

Although they differ when it comes to methods and philosophy, author
and researcher Linda Godfrey is also planning to visit the site and
has interviewed the man who reported the incident as well as
communicating with others that may have seen something unusual in the
Washington County area.

Biscardi has been searching for Bigfoot for 33 years and says he has
had a half-dozen encounters with the creature.

"It's a passion. When you get the Bigfoot bug, when you get that
close, you think the next one will be it," said Biscardi, who hopes
someday to capture a Bigfoot for scientific study.

Godfrey has compiled well over 100 reports of sightings in Wisconsin
and Michigan over the past 14 years and has written two books about
cryptids - a term used for unknown animals.

She said whatever the creature is; it is certainly shy and elusive.

"I believe it's quite intelligent and very talented at staying out of
sight," said Godfrey, whose studies began when she was a newspaper
reporter at The Week, a Walworth County newspaper based in Delevan.

She wrote about an animal that became the title of her first book,
"The Beast of Bray Road," about a wolfheaded furry creature.

"From that point on, I sort of became creature central," said Godfrey.
"Not only for people who found things they couldn't explain, but the
media came to me."

Both Godfrey and Biscardi agree that the man's story is worth investigating.

"He is a credible person - the sheriff feels the same way - believe
me, he wasn't under the influence," said Biscardi.

"Most witnesses appear to be very credible. Very few turn out to be
cranks or pranks," said Godfrey, who encourages people to keep coming
forward. "The more that do, the fewer that will have to endure being
made fun of. People will understand there is something out there -
what I don't know - but there is something."

"Don't be surprised to hear of more sightings between now and the 20th
of December," said Biscardi, who believes the creature - or creatures
- may be migrating to the south.

Godfrey reports on her web site that two men saw a creature cross the
road northeast of West Bend on Shalom Drive just off of Highway 144 at
8:30 p.m. Nov. 12.

Biscardi said a man from the town of Merton had an encounter Nov. 13,
when something hit the outside of an electrified fence around his a
horse corral. Biscardi said if that is the case, the creature is
probably long gone. "They move out of an area after been shocked. That
thing is 100 miles away by now," said Biscardi. But is the creature
migratory? "This time of year, in fall, sightings seem to peak. Like
any other large mammal, they are trying to stock up on food for the
winter and standing corn gives better cover," said Godfrey, adding
that another reason for the increase in sightings may be a growing
population in areas that are the creatures habitat. Both Godfrey and
Biscardi have claimed encounters with strange animals. While on an
investigation in Michigan this past summer Godfrey said she saw
something cross the road about 50 yards away from where she stood. "It
was just outside the perimeter of lights and through the backlit edge,
I saw something vertical crossing the road," said Godfrey. She said
whatever it was, it had gray fur, was on two legs and was at least six
or seven feet tall. Biscardi's latest encounter was at Lamar Point,
just outside of Paris, Texas. As he headed toward his base camp, he
caught sight of something just outside his peripheral vision. "These
things move at such a high rate of speed - they move quicker than
hell," said Biscardi.

More sightings?

Last week:

TOWN OF MERTEN, Waukesha County - Two young boys reportedly saw a
"hairy monster" in the woods near their backyard.

This week:

TOWN OF FARMINGTON, Washington County - Shalom Drive just off Highway
144 at 8:30 p.m. Sunday.

According to a report on creature researcher Linda Godfrey's Web site,
"It was the size of a large deer but with a large back and shoulders,
thick fur, a massive wolf-like head, pointy ears and no tail." They
said it "lumbered" across the road showing no concern for their
approaching vehicle. The driver got out and looked around but could
find no footprints; the creature had disappeared into the woods,
according to the report.