NEW SIGHTING OF BIG CAT ON THE PROWL|Richard_F||11/25/06 at 12:12:05|richard_f|xx|0||NEW SIGHTING OF BIG CAT ON THE PROWL

SPECULATION is rife in Cupar that another 'big cat' is on the prowl.
An Upper Dalgairn couple contacted the Fife Herald after a close
encounter of the hairy kind while out walking near their home last
Saturday afternoon.
Further investigation revealed that two other residents of Upper
Dalgairn had either seen the cat themselves, or had heard of it from
BT worker George Brown and his partner, Jill, were out with their
three-year-old son George and their springer spaniel, Charlie, in the
strawberry field parallel to Middlefield Brae leading to the former
Government communications station at Hawklaw.
"We spotted something coming out of the wooded area further up the
field,'' said Mr Brown.
"We decided to keep walking and stopped about 100 feet away to see
this amazing big puma-sized cat.
"The body was fawn and the tail was a distinctive black and bushy,
like a lion's.
"We watched its actions for about 15 minutes, as it lay down at the
fence line. We then stopped to tell a resident whose house backs on to
the field and when we looked back, we all saw it again, returning
across the field.
"It was great to see and I hope other people out for a walk come
across it. I never thought I would, but I wish I had had my camera to
capture a picture of the amazing beast.''
His partner said a neighbour they'd told about their experience had
also seen the big cat.
Mrs Effie Trail, manager of the Red Cross charity shop in Bonnygate,
Cupar, said her husband, David, had seen a big puma-like cat in fields
near their home, in Rathillet, on three separate occasions.
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