Md. Residents Say Dead Cat Smell Remains|Richard_F||11/30/06 at 15:49:19|richard_f|xx|0||Md. Residents Say Dead Cat Smell Remains
COLUMBIA, Md. - Some Columbia residents say there's still an odor from the house of a couple charged in September with 225 counts of animal cruelty because of more than 100 diseased and dead cats inside.

"We just want to be able to enjoy our home without having to walk out with the place smelling like a barn," Joe Wasserman told The (Baltimore) Examiner. He and his wife live in a townhouse that's attached to Ayten Icgoren and Nese Enetulla Icgoren's residence.

Wasserman, his wife and another neighbor wrote a letter last week to the county health department to criticize the county's response.

But Howard County Health Department Environmental Health Director Bob Weber said a health inspector evaluated the home Nov. 13 after the Icgorens cleaned the home.

"The odor was very minimal when you were standing in the foyer inside the house and outside the house," he said. He said the odor is occasionally noticed outside if the Icgorens' windows are open.

But Wasserman told the Examiner inspectors weren't allowed to examine the basement or attic which charging documents allege were covered in dead cats, insects, cat feces and urine.

Weber admitted that those areas weren't inspected, but he said health officials don't have such legal authority. "We have to do the best we can given what the homeowners are allowing us to do. It's dramatically less of a problem than it was originally."