Big cat’ seen by dog walker |Richard_F||12/16/06 at 12:44:12|richard_f|xx|0||Big cat’ seen by dog walker
A mystery “big cat” was prowling through fields in Telford, a dog walker claimed today. Diana Young, 65, said she saw a long dark-coloured animal in open fields between Lawley and Dawley this morning.
Mrs Young said she was just metres away from the animal with her two Yorkshire terriers when it ran in front of her.
She said it had a long body and a long tail. Mrs Young, of Dawley, said: “I saw this animal running across the open fields. It was definitely a big cat. It was too big for a fox.
“It had a round face and smooth fur and dark in colour. I was so frightened because I’d got my two little dogs with me.”
Mrs Young said she feared for her safety after spotting the big cat and had to make her escape along the main road back to her car.
She added: “I wouldn’t go back up that way and had to walk along the main road to get back to my car because I was too scared.
“I always put my little dogs in the car and go to various parks in the area but I won’t be going back there for a while. I thought he could have attacked my little dogs.”
Mrs Young reported the incident to the police and the RSPCA. It is the latest of a series of sightings.
Panther-like animals have been seen in Telford Town Park, on an embankment near the Town Centre and in the Ketley area.
Lord Bradford had a close encounter with a big cat near Weston Park and a father-of-two reported seeing a large black cat on the Telford Eastern Primary Road.