Hunt for Faversham's mysterious big cat|Richard_F||01/10/07 at 12:53:36|richard_f|xx|0||From the Faversham (UK) Times: 3 Jan. 2007
Hunt for Faversham's mysterious big cat

Have you seen Faversham's big cat?
A researcher is urging people to come forward with their experiences after
as beast resembling a black leopard was spotted in the town.
According to Neil Arnold, the incident in an orchard near Brogdale was just
the latest in a long line of sightings in the area. Close encounters of the
furry kind are more common than people realise, he said, but they have
nothing to do with the supernatural.
Neil, 32, said: "I find that people are afraid to come forward, especially
at this time of year, because they think others will think they've been
drinking. There's also the fear they'll be disbelieved because big cats have
been associated with folklore."
The leopard was spotted by a man on his way to an archery contest last year.
It was sunning itself in broad daylight when it was disturbed.
Neil can be contacted on 01634 302572.