Big cat gives 'paws'|Richard_F||01/16/07 at 15:52:41|richard_f|xx|0||Big cat gives 'paws'

Amy Miller of Wilmington has had cats her whole life. She has four cats now.
But she's never seen a feline in the open as large as the cat she believes
she saw on Hickory Trail Drive in Wilmington this week.

About 4:15 p.m. on a weekday earlier this week, Miller was driving to her
parents' residence in Timber Glen off Truesdell Street (state Route 730)
when she noticed something out of the corner of her eye as she neared her
destination. It was walking down a wide path of grass that comes down
through a woods, a route deer often travel in order to drink from a
stormwater retention area nearby.

Miller pulled into her parents' driveway and jumped out of her car while
making sure not to shut the car door because she didn't want to scare the
animal away. She said she stood and watched it slowly walk down into a
ravine. So this sighting was not a mere glimpse, she said, although she
acknowledged she was at a distance from the animal.

"Here's what I told my mom. It was bigger than a goat, but it wasn't as big
as a St. Bernard," Miller said Friday when contacted.

"It was not a house cat. It was seven house cats in one," said Miller, who
pretty much insists it was some member of the cat family. She believes it
was a cat because of the way it was walking.

"Not like it was hunting. Kind of like if you see a cat out in the field
looking for a mouse. Kind of sneaking along. That's what he was doing," she

It had a yellowish color, Miller said. She didn't see any spots and it
looked like it had a tail.

"It was like the size of a very big dog. And it was not a dog," she said. "I
know how cats act. It was walking like a cat. It was definitely not a dog,"
she said.

"It was shocking to see it. Obviously, I'm not expecting to see a large cat
like that," said Miller, a daughter of Wilmington City Councilman Don Wells
and Clinton County Common Pleas Court Assignment Commissioner Barb Wells.

"I knew I saw something I should not be seeing out there," Miller said.

The Thursday edition of The Cincinnati Enquirer published a report of a few
sightings in northern Kentucky of a large cat such as a cougar or mountain
lion, perhaps from Appalachia.