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MINOT, N.D. - DuWayne Hendrickson is sure he spotted a mountain
lion near his home just south of U.S. Highway 2. Biologists say it
could, indeed have been a feline, but more likely a large house cat.
Greg Gullickson, a biologist with the state Game and Fish
Department said he investigated the tracks and photographed them. He
found a "99 percent probability" they were made by a domestic cat.
"(Hendrickson) called in saying his son had seen it, and he
described a young mountain lion," Gullickson said. "I actually saw a
cat matching the description that the individual gave about a block
away (from Hendrickson's house), and it was a large, orange domestic
"Mountain lion tracks are much larger and typically are 3 inches by
3 inches," he said. "Mountain lion tracks also do not have nail marks
in them and are round and not pointed like a domestic dog track."
"Especially when (the sightings are) this close to town," he
said. "We definitely like to hear about it."