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Beast back on the prowl?
By Ben Pike

THE Beast of Sedgemoor could be back on the prowl - that's according to a
Bridgwater man who saw a "giant cat-like creature" in woods on the Quantock
Mercury readers joined the hunt for the mysterious wild animal - believed to
be a black panther - back in August last year, after the Mercury highlighted
a TV investigation into the claims.
No sightings had been made of any big cats in the Bridgwater area for nearly
four years, until Wednesday night (January 17).
Stephen Rolph couldn't believe his eyes as he made his way up Buncombe Hill
on the Taunton side of the Quantocks.
"At first I thought it was a dog but as I got closer it was obvious it was
no pet," the 45-year-old told the Mercury.
"It was around four feet long with a three feet tail and a stocky build. It
was no more than 30 metres away.
"I just couldn't believe my eyes. I had to pull over but it ran off as I
stopped. I suppose if I was feeling brave I could have chased it."
The Alfoxton Road resident, who works at BFF on Bristol Road, said he had
heard things said about big cats at Enmore Park Golf Club where he regularly
Mervyn Slocombe claims to have seen a wild cat on the practice green at
Enmore Park in 1992 and a cast was made of a huge footprint left on the
Stephen continued: "It was only 4.10pm and the light was good - I didn't
even have the headlights on.
"I thought people who might have animals in the field nearby or walk their
dogs in that area should be aware."
If you make a sighting, contact the Mercury on 01278-727960.