black dof or big cat?|Richard_F||02/01/07 at 11:52:24|richard_f|xx|0||Hi,
>Just doing a typical 'surf' on the net at the end of the day. One link
>leads to another and I find myself reading about black dogs!
>Back in the summer of 1988 I used to ride my motorcycle to my
>girlfriends in Chipping Warden, Oxfordshire. I'd always return the same
>route along Culworth Road (a near single track road) back toward
>Culworth, usually very late at night.
>On several occasions (five or six times over six week period) what I
>believed to be a 'big cat' - typical panther type - would appear from an
>old barn and run alongside me for a couple of seconds at most. It was
>clearly very fast, completely silent, and similar in size to a wolfhound
>that I knew well, but with a smooth coat. At the time I thought it
>really scary, actually gives me goose bumps now, but what intrigued me
>was that no-one else knew what I was on about when I tried to explain a
>big cat on the Culworth road with red eyes. My mother did say something
>that I am now reminded of from your article though, "cat's eye's don't
>glow red" she said, and now I think hard, the ears were wrong for a cat.
>Must have been a dog then?
>Some years later I saw a small item in the local newspaper (Banbury
>Guardian) "big cat spotted again" or similar, and I became convinced
>that's what my beast had been.
>Are you aware of any such reports from that area? I'm intrigued to know
>whether I'm alone in seeing it there.
>1988 was a good year for me as I recall, no-one I knew died or became
>Alex Burnham