Satanists on killing spree as three more cats foun|Richard_F||02/01/07 at 13:02:35|richard_f|xx|0||Satanists on killing spree as three more cats found mutilated*

January 31, 2007 04:28pm
Article from: AAP

AUSTRALIA - THREE more cats have been skinned, disembowelled and left on
public display in Darwin, bringing the total number of dead felines in
the past two months to 10.

The horrific spate of satanic killings started in November last year,
when workers at Palmerston Golf Course stumbled across the first
mutilated cat.

Since then, the bodies of six more cats have been dumped with their
organs displayed around them in the same area.

Last Tuesday employees at the golf course found a cat that had been
stolen from its owner and killed at an unknown location.

The mutilated cat was still wearing a collar at the base of its head,
which was the only part of the animal to be left intact.

Police had hoped it would be the last of the vicious incidents but,
following the discovery of three more cats in the Palmerston area, they
are now warning of more brutal satanic killings.

Members of the public were today called upon to come forward with any
information that may assist detectives, who have limited information on
the satanic offenders.

"We are concerned that the satanic cult committing these offences may
continue," said Sergeant Rob Jordan of Palmerston Police Station.

"If members of the public locate cats that have been killed in this
manner we urge them to leave it where it was found and call police
straight away."

Sgt Jordan said the horrendous satanic nature of the crimes was shocking.

"We are extremely concerned at the cruelty being inflicted on these
animals and are urging anyone with information that could assist police
with their investigations to come forward," he said.

Of the most recent finds, two were in the Gunn area while one was found
in a park near Aunger and Lambrick Avenue in the nearby Bakewell area.

Sgt Jordan said the person or people responsible may reside in the
Driver or Durack areas, which are close by.

"We urge residents who live in those two suburbs to be vigilant and call
police immediately if they suspect or know of any similar incidences,"
he said.

Police do not think the attacks are linked to the brutal bashing deaths
of three cats at the Darwin RSPCA earlier this month.