SECOND BIG CAT SIGHTING |Richard_F||02/18/07 at 17:01:44|richard_f|xx|0||SECOND BIG CAT SIGHTING by LISA BUCKLEY

A SECOND 'big cat' sighting has been reported in the Nuneaton area in the space of a week.

The sighting is set to fuel rumours of a family of pumas living in the town.

 The Heartland Evening News reported at the start of last week how a big, puma-like cat was spotted by a group of runners near Marston Lane.

 And now a dog walker claims he too has spotted a big cat, only this time in the Mancetter area.

 Derek Stringer was taking his dog Hollie for a walk on Wednesday morning along the Windmill Hill Nature Reserve off Mancetter Road.

 After making his way to near the rear of the Severn Trent water tower, the 61-year-old couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted a large cat around 15 yards away.

 Mr Stringer is certain that the mysterious moggy was definitely not a normal cat and was big and black in colour like a puma. He said the beast had a dead rabbit in its mouth as it made off into the distance with its unfortunate prey in tow.

 The bizarre sighting was the second of its kind in four days. As featured in the Evening News last Tuesday, Kath Sanders and her running companions experienced something very similar near Marston Lane on Sunday - although that time the cat was ginger in colour.

 Having read about it, Derek Stringer was straight on the phone to contact the News following his own run-in at 7.45am.

 "It was unbelieveable - I just wish I had got someone with me,” said the grandfather who lives in Birch Tree Road.

 "I’ve never seen anything like it. I was at the back of the water tower with my dog when it happened. It was big and black and had a rabbit in its mouth. I’d say it was a puma.

 "Then it just slunk away with the dead rabbit in its mouth. I did stay around for about 45 minutes, but it didn’t come back.”

 A borough council spokesman said they had received no other reports as yet of big cat sightings and he suggested that those who do see any contact the police.

 "We’ve heard nothing here,” he said.

 "We would advise people to contact the police if they see something like this and of course get out of there as fast as they can.

 "In South Derbyshire I understand that they’re forever seeing big cats and so on but we’ve had no-one contact us to say so yet. The first I knew about the other incident was when I saw it in your paper.”

 Evening News readers who think they may have spotted big cats in the region are asked to call 024 7635 3534.

||02/18/07 at 17:02:29|richard_f Re: SECOND BIG CAT SIGHTING |Richard_F||02/18/07 at 17:03:55|richard_f|xx|0||Big ginger 'puma' is spotted near quarry by CLAIRE HARRISON

MYSTERY surrounds the sighting of a large puma-type cat sunning itself in a quarry in Nuneaton.

The Heartland Evening News has been contacted by a group of runners who claim to have spotted a large cat in Griff Quarry, Nuneaton on Sunday morning.

 Kath Sanders and her fellow running group friends were jogging past the Griff Quarry, along the canal bank between Marston Lane and Nuneaton, when she noticed two people with binoculars.

 But it was not birds that the pair were watching, it was a large cat lying on a rock in the quarry.

 "It was a panther-like cat but ginger coloured,” the local runner said.

 "The big cat was sitting on a rock in the Griff Quarry sunning itself, it looked round but did not see us. Fortunately it was on the opposite side of the canal with much undergrowth between us.”

 News about the sighting of the large cat soon spread across the area and the group of runners asked every person that they passed if they had seen the cat or had a camera to take a photograph, but they drew a blank.

 "On such a lovely morning, with so many people out walking, surely there was a picture captured of this massive moggy or more stories to tell,” she added.

 "I wouldn't’ have wanted to come across it on my own - I was glad I had my running buddies and that I had been training so that I could make a quick escape.”

 Her running pal Janet added: "It looked very content there basking in the sun.”

 The sighting could well be the real deal according to Paul Westwood of Bigcat monitors UK who told the Evening News that pumas tend to hang around in quarries, particularly those by railway links.

 He said that he has had reports of several sightings of cats in Warwickshire but not that of a puma.

 "You do get gingery coloured pumas and it would not be uncommon for them to go to a quarry to rest,” the Yorkshire-based expert said.

 "95 per cent of all cat sightings are domestic animals but this could have been a puma or mountain lion. They tend to follow railway lines as a means of getting from place to place and rest in places like quarries.

 "I would advise anyone who sees the cat not to approach it and contact the police.”

 Anyone who spotted the large cat or has any more information is asked to contact the Heartland Evening News on 024 7635 3534.

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