Did big cat kill family pet?|Richard_F|richard@cfz.org.uk|04/02/07 at 12:09:32|richard_f|xx|0||Did big cat kill family pet?
A BIG-CAT enthusiast says another creature has been seen in Ashford and may have killed a family pet.

Neil Arnold, of Kent Big Cat Research, said he was called by a man who saw the animal just after 6pm on Sunday from his home near the railway in Hamstreet.

“A guy was putting washing away when he looked across at the railway line and saw a huge Alsatian-size animal walking along the Hastings line towards the Marsh,” said Mr Arnold.

“Except the animal had a long tail and was jet black so it must have been a panther.”

He said the man had been shocked as he hadn’t believed in big cats before.

Mr Arnold said the man’s white and ginger cat, which he had owned for 11 years, had disappeared on February 5.

“They believe their cat has been eaten,” said Mr Arnold.

“It used to walk down the railway line to catch mice, but it never used to wander off.”

Kentish Express Ashford & District 29 Mar 2007

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