Is this a black panther?|Richard_F||04/02/07 at 12:31:21|richard_f|xx|0||Is this a black panther?
By Helen Thomas


ANOTHER panther-type cat has been spotted in Trowbridge.
Matthew Finch, of Blease Close, was shocked to see the animal in a field
behind Airsprung Beds in Canal Road as he left for work at 7.30am yesterday
The assistant branch manager at West Wilts Wholesale Electrical, said: "As I
walked out the door I thought hang on a minute'.
"It looked like a cat but it was a lot bigger. It was definitely a cat. It
walked like one and had its big black tail in the air.
"I've heard stories before of people from Airsprung seeing it. It was really
amazing and quite exciting. It's not something you see every day."
Mr Finch took a photograph of the creature with his mobile phone and
contacted his girlfriend to take a picture from the bedroom window. After
resting a while in the field the cat, which Mr Finch said was the size of a
Labrador, stalked off.
Similar sightings of large cats have been made over the years and many
believe the sightings are proof there are big cats living in the wild in
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