Off duty police spot big cat|Richard_F||04/18/07 at 13:01:25|richard_f|xx|0||From the Wiltshire Times (UK) 10 April 2007
Off duty police spot big cat

Was it a black panther?
TWO police and a civilian officer were shocked to see a big black cat run
across fields in broad daylight on Easter Sunday.
The policemen and their families were stunned after spotting the animal near
Hartham Park, Corsham and were left in no doubt that this was indeed a 'big
The officers were off-duty and walking with their families after lunch when
they saw the Panther-like creature running at speed across a field some
distance away.
One of the officer's wives, who works for the police in a civilian capacity,
said they had no idea it was posisble for big cats to live in the
countryside, having recently moved from Bristol.
The sighting took place at around 3.30pm between Weaven Lane, Biddestone and
Hartham Park, the stately home that is now a high-tech business park.
The woman, who does not want to be named, added: "We were pointing out
Hartham Park to our friends when my husband said 'what's that animal there?'
He's got incredible eyesight, but then we all saw it too. It was three
fields away and we could see it clearly. It was big, black and running very
very fast.
"It was the size of our German Shephered dog but longer. But it didn't run
like a dog at all, it was much smoother and ran lower to the ground.
"It was jet black and we watched it for as long as 20 seconds.
"We all scoffed at first at the idea it was a big cat, but quickly realised
that was what we were watching. It was so fast and ran so distinctively. We
were all left shocked."