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Have you ever heard of the Damascus apartments hound? No? Well, how about the otoroshi or the malapas?  No again? It is unsurprising, as almost no-one in the west has any knowledge of these obscure monsters.

All that is about to change with the publication of a new and unique book by fortean research Neil Arnold. Monster! The A to Z of Zooform Phenomena is the very first book of its kind to be published. It is an encyclopaedia of strange creatures from all the world’s cultures. Unlike more familiar creatures such as sea serpents, yeti and bigfoot, who are likely to be real animals unknown to science, the creatures in Neil’s book fall into a strange and poorly understood category known as zooform phenomena.

Zooform ‘creatures’ are not animals at all, but paranormal manifestations in animal form. Perhaps the best known are the black dogs of British legend. Neil has catalogued such oddities as the kama-itachi of Japan – weasel-like creatures said to attack victims with sickle like claws in a maelstrom of wind, and the arrancalenus, or ‘tongue ripper’, of Nicaragua that is said to resemble a cross between a cat and a turkey and tears out its victims tongues.

Stories range from the absurd like the Zulu basket monster (said to resemble a basket with legs) to the horrific, for example the tale of a monstrous maggot-like entity said to have killed a number of people in a Yorkshire village.

From ancient legends to modern day urban scares, from the streets of Tokyo to the wilds of Brazil, Monster! is a veritable menagerie of the bizarre. So, if you don’t know your tezzy parlour pigs from your fence rail dog, this is the book for you.

Neil is available for interview, and press photographs and pictures are also available. Telephone Mark, Jon or Corinna on 01237 431413

Product details
·      Paperback: 396 pages
·      Publisher: CFZ (23 May 2007)
·      Language English
·      ISBN-10: 1905723105
·      ISBN-13: 978-1905723102
·      Product Dimensions: 24.1 x 18.3 x 2.3 cm