Beast of Sedgemoor returns with mate?|Richard_F||08/24/07 at 14:11:13|richard_f|xx|0||Beast of Sedgemoor returns with mate?
By Dan Sales


This picture of what could be the beast was taken by Duncan Attwell.
HAS the Beast of Sedgemoor somehow managed to find a mate and given birth to a litter of two?

That is the question being asked this week after builders at a Nether Stowey construction site spotted two big cats prowling the nearby fields.

Previous sightings of the beast have worked on the assumption that there was only one creature, but this latest development appears to turn that theory on its head with the revelation TWO could be roaming the countryside.

Projects Director Duncan Attwell had been working on the Merlin Timber Frame seven eco homes on Tuesday when he caught sight of the animals in a field just off South Lane.

"There were two black cats, but both about the size of a small sheep or a dog," he said.

"I went up there and there were some kittens, but much bigger.

advertisement"I was fascinated when I saw it."

Mr Attwell managed to get his camera to take a picture of the animal and the image shows a big cat shape in the field.

Previously the beast has been likened in size to that of a panther and he confirmed it looked similar to the creature.

"I saw two adults and what I believe were two little ones," he said.

"It did look like a big cat and I have seen panthers before.

"It definitely was not a domestic cat."

The last time the beast was in the news was when a giant print with enormous claws was found in Andersea at the end of April this year.

Two months previous a Bridgwater man said he actually saw a cat-like creature stalking the Quantocks early in the morning when he had been out with his friend.

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