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Big Cat Sightings - Kirkintilloch

THERE have been more reports this week of a 'big cat' prowling on the
banks of the River Kelvin in Kirkintilloch.

A story in last week's Kirkintilloch Herald told how a fisherman
claimed to have seen a massive black cat, three-times the size of a
domestic feline, on the south bank of the river, near a builder's yard.

Now another Herald reader has contacted the paper with a similar story.

The Kirkintilloch man, who asked not to be named, was walking with his
dad and two dogs when they spotted the cat down by the River Kelvin,
at the back of Waverley Park.

He said: "Our labrador went running into the long grass and that's
when we saw the cat.

"It was only about 25 yards away from us and was at least twice the
size of a domestic cat. We only saw it for about five seconds because
the labrador went chasing towards it and it ran off."

Wildlife crime officer Constable John Murray said: "Anyone who spots a
cat should not approach it, but call either the police or the SSPCA

"We would then investigate and check for any obvious signs such as
footprints or faeces.

"However, we haven't been contacted directly about this sighting in
Kirkintilloch and I don't know of one being reported in the past."

You can contact the SSPCA on 0131 339 0222 or Kirkintilloch police on
0141 532 4400.

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