Fen tiger|shearluck|lewisoll@yahoo.co.uk|08/29/07 at 21:15:23|shearluck|xx|0||[quote]From the Cambridge News (UK): 10 August 2007
Secretive Fen Tiger is back on the prowl

THERE has been considerable excitement in Cornwall at reports of a mere
great white shark off the coast - but the big news in Cambridgeshire is the
Fen Tiger is back on the prowl.

Tales of the elusive creature have abounded for about 50 years, and the
latest reported sighting was of a big, dark cat in Cottenham.

John Page was visiting friends in the village when he saw the beast in broad

He said: "I was walking along Oakington Road towards Cottenham. There wasn't
much traffic because of the works going on for the guided bus, and it was

"Then I saw this animal walk from a field entrance across the road. It had a
long tail that hung down and turned up at the end. It was dark coloured, it
had cat-like features and moved like a domestic cat.

"But it was certainly bigger than a domestic cat. It was walking in a
confident manner across the road, it didn't look left or right."

Mr Page, 51, a gardener from Cobholm Place, King's Hedges, hurried along to
get a closer view, but the beast disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared.

And with no mud or dirt, he could find no footprints.

Mr Page's sighting, at about 1pm on Thursday, August 2, stirred up memories
for his friend Diane Morris - another person who believes she has seen the
elusive feline.

Mrs Morris, of Cuckoo Hill Farm, in Oakington, saw a black cat running
across her land in June 2003.

She recalled: "I was quite close to it. I could have touched it if it wasn't
for a fence between us.

"I heard this bump, bump, bump in a corn field, like the sound of big feet.
I saw it and it was definitely a big black cat. It was chasing a domestic

She believes it might have been responsible for killing one of her lambs
that year - and with the recent discovery or sheep bones, she is concerned
for the livestock.

She said: "I've lost one sheep this year, and we found bones in a field and
they had been stripped bare."

Last year, the News used the Freedom of Information Act to find out from
Cambridgeshire police how many sightings of the big cat there have been.

They confirmed there had been 38 sightings of a black panther-like creature
across Cambridgeshire between July 1998 and March 2005.

Sightings ranged from Alconbury in the west to Balsham in the east and from
Chatteris in the north to Royston in the south.

The British Big Cats Society, which works with police and other agencies to
further research into wild felines, is convinced the Fen Tiger does exist
from reported sightings and video evidence it has seen. [/quote]||