River Kelvin panther (scotland)|shearluck|lewisoll@yahoo.co.uk|08/29/07 at 20:53:00|shearluck|xx|0||[quote]From the Daily Star (Glasgow): 9 Aug. 2007
Big Cat on the Prowl
By Rod Mills

Experts warned a black panther is stalking a Scottish town after a big cat
was spotted by a stunned resident.
A local who was fishing on the banks of the River Kelvin in Glasgow, saw a
powerfully built black cat circling a builder's yard.
Moments later he claims he saw a second smaller cat nearby, which snarled
before disappearing.
The man, who asked not to be named, said: "It was definitely a big cat.
"After one final look at this animal we waited near the yard and saw what
looked like the same type of cat, but smaller.
"The cat made a half - meow, half growl - a bit like a domestic tomcat makes
when another cat is in its territory."
Yesterday Mark Fraser, founder of Big Cats in Britain, said: "The Scottish
countryside is perfect for large cats, and it's very likely this sighting is
a panther."