shropshire big cat|shearluck||09/11/07 at 16:49:41|shearluck|xx|0||[quote]From the Shropshire Star: 1 Sept. 2007
New Report of Big Cat - Shropshire

A mysterious "big cat" has been sighted in Shropshire, it was has been

Train driver Ian Dowley saw the animal on his way back to his Wem home
from Shrewsbury on Thursday.

Mr Dowley, 36, said the animal he saw in Clive was about the size of
an alsatian dog.

He said: "I know my wild animals. When it turned, its profile was a
perfect panther. I am 200 per cent sure.

"It wasn't a normal moggy, it was absolutely huge. When I saw it I was
excited and also frightened."