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10:00 - 04 October 2007

It was with great interest that I read the article about Marcus Matthews, "Writer appeals for stories about area's big cat sightings" (September 13).I myself have taken a lot of stick and downright abuse over the last few months after my sighting of what I described as a lynx-type creature emerging from a field at the bottom of Egford Hill back in April.

My so-called friends and colleagues from Frome Golf Club have ridiculed my sightings as that of a babbling fool and that the excessive fuelling of alcohol had somehow had an influence over the said sighting.

However, I am now vindicated as I seem not to be the only mad fool in Frome. The lynx is real.

I hope this will end the childish taunts of those who mock my approach while singing those words 'boom chicka wah wah'. You know who you are.


Nunney Road