COULD MAN HAVE SEEN LEOPARD?|Richard_F||11/02/07 at 00:57:46|richard_f|xx|0||From the Kent and Sussex Courier (UK): 19 Oct. 2007

A Man claims he has seen a black cat "the size of an alsatian dog" roaming
the streets of Hildenborough.

He said he saw the mystery beast emerging from trees near the junction of
London Road and Riding Lane as he was driving to work early on Saturday.

The witness, who left his name only as "Steve", reported the sighting to
Neil Arnold of Kent Big cat Research.

Mr Arnold said: "The man was driving to work at 5.50am. Upon reaching the
junction he observed a big, black cat, the size of an alsatian dog.

"The cat crossed the road pretty close to the car as it was picked up
clearly in the headlights as it stepped from woods on one side of the narrow

"He described the cat's coat as dull or matt black and it disappeared into
the woods."

Mr Arnold claimed the animal was one of a handful of black leopards
currently roaming the area and could have been hunting rabbits or deer.

He said: "I would like to hear from anyone who has seen such a cat. These
cats have fawn-tan coloured coats and have been sighted over an area of 30
square miles."

Are you "Steve" the witness? or have you seen a big cat in the Tonbridge