The "Legend" of the Large Cat|Richard_F||11/02/07 at 01:11:41|richard_f|xx|0||From WECT-TV, Channel 6 (Wilmington, NC): 12 Oct. 2007
The "Legend" of the Large Cat

BRUNSWICK COUNTY -- No sightings have been confirmed, but the talk continues
to swirl about the "big cat" that may be to blame for the deaths of dogs in
Workers at the Brunswick County Animal Services office say they've received
numerous phone calls about different sightings.
However, a lot of those phone calls have been about sightings from years
past and in locations around the county away from Bolivia.
The "big cat" story has dominated the local discussion but is full of rumors
and second-hand information.
Animal services say they're just trying to focus on "big cat" spottings near
the Midway Road area.
"There hasn't been a sighting yet, but if there is one, I have a on-call
animal officer. He will call me, and we'll begin to make an investigation,"
explained Richard Cooper of the Brunswick County Animal Services
Cooper tells WECT that they've checked the tracks left behind and are still
trying to match the tracks with a specific animal.

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