'Big cat' encounters revealed by readers|Richard_F|richard@cfz.org.uk|11/04/07 at 13:42:30|richard_f|xx|0||From the Bridgenorth Journal (UK): 2 Nov. 2007
'Big cat' encounters revealed by readers

MORE people from across the district have come forward with their `big
cat' sightings this week.

Last week, The Journal reported how a four-foot long `black panther'
had been seen near Deuxhill, in broad daylight, by a terrified family
in a car.

The sighting, reported by Chris Jones of Cleobury Mortimer, was the
second time the creature had been seen in the area in recent months.
It was also spotted by a farmworker out walking his dogs late at night.

And a Bridgnorth man, who did not want to be named, told the Journal
he had also seen the creature recently.

"Me and my friend were rabbit shooting on land near to Henry Yates' a
couple of months ago and we both saw the big cat. It was in the same
area that the other people saw it.

"It had a big, long, curved tail. We thought it was a fox at first but
then realised it was way bigger than a fox or even a dog. My friend
has seen it once more since then too."

Roy Page, of Alveley, said he had seen the big cat recently too.

"It was a few weeks ago, at about 4.30am on my way to work, just as I
approached Jiggers Bank on the Ironbridge bypass," said Mr Page.

"The animal was about the height of a labrador but much longer and
leaner, with a large curved tail. It appears shy of traffic and humans
and I imagine would not attack unless cornered."

David Seipel, of Bridgnorth, said had seen a similar animal too.

"I've seen the animal twice and I'm fairly convinced it's a lynx," he

"I saw it about three years ago near Hughley, and I also saw it about
a year-and-a-half ago in Aston Ayre, near Morville. Both times I
viewed it from my car.

"I spend a lot of time in the countryside and I'm used to seeing
different animals, but nothing like this."

A Broseley woman, who did not want to be named, said: "We saw a big
cat a couple of times when we first moved to the town, in fields to
the rear of our house. My husband saw it too.

"We even found paw prints near the conservatory that were definitely
too big for a domestic cat. I haven't told anyone before now because
people don't believe you."

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