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Trail of the black panther
Geoff Killgallon

A BLACK panther could be on the loose in Caversham Park Village after a
large cat with orange eyes was spotted sauntering across a field.
Geoff and Sylvia Killgallon, of Littlestead Close, say they watched the
unidentified beast for up to 10 minutes as it surveyed the area and lunged
at a pheasant.
Retired Mr Killgallon, 68, said: "My wife was in the kitchen with her
hairdresser and said 'come and look at this'.
"My first reaction was 'bloody hell', and I rushed upstairs to get some
"It was in a field out towards Dunsden Green. It was so big I don't think it
could have been a domestic cat. My wife was convinced it was a panther.
"It walked up the field swishing its tail before it looked round towards us.
"My wife says she observed pointed ears and orange eyes."
He added: "I don't think it was hunting anything but it looked through the
hedge and a pheasant walked behind it.
"It made a lunge at it but the pheasant flew off.
"It walked further along, looking around and looking quite relaxed.
"It was so big and had a very long tail which curved up.
"I don't think it was fully grown but it looked healthy and well nourished."
Mr Killgallon said he and his wife have looked out for the formidable feline
every morning since the siting at 9.45am on Tuesday last week without
Black panthers, or melanistic leopards, are thought to be among the most
frequently spotted big cats in Britain.
Jo Barr from the RSPCA said big cats do escape from private collections and
that a wild lynx had been found roaming the streets of London in 2001.
She told the Evening Post: "We do get calls about these occasionally.
Obviously, it's a potentially dangerous wild animal so it is often more of a
police matter.
"One possibility is that it is a very large domestic cat.
"However, it is always a possibility a big cat has escaped from a private
collection, which has to be licensed under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act
Reading Borough Council confirmed it had not issued any such licences, while
South Oxfordshire District Council has issued just one, to a bison owner.
Miss Barr added: "We do get reports from time to time but the majority turn
out to be unsubstantiated.
"This is one of the more unusual sightings as they tend to come from more
open and exposed areas like Exmoor and Dartmoor."
The RSPCA advises anyone coming into contact with a big cat to report it to
their local authority.