Lost cat found after five years|Richard_F|richard@cfz.org.uk|12/05/07 at 22:29:48|richard_f|xx|0||Lost cat found after five years

By Tony Gardner
FROM the day Daisy the cat went missing, owner Lesley Sandford and her dog Jake would go on a daily search for her.
Lesley was distraught at losing the black and white moggy both she and white Alsatian Jake both adored.
For five years they scoured the street, fields and local woodland around their home in Churwell, Leeds.
Lesley said: "They weren't like a typical cat and dog fighting each other all the time. They would cuddle up together in front of the fire and Jake really missed her.
"When we went out for walks I would call her name and he would run around trying to sniff her out."
Even a poster campaign and ads in the local press failed to get her back.
But as the years went by Lesley reluctantly gave up hope of finding Daisy after she became a mum for the first time when baby Leo was born.
Then in August this year Jake suffered serious spinal injuries after becoming trapped in a ditch while out walking with Lesley.
Jake had to undergo extensive surgery but he suffered a relapse of his injury and Lesley and partner Mark had to make the heart-breaking decision to have him put down.
Then just a day after losing Jake, Lesley received a call from Leeds Cat
Rescue Centre who told her they had found a cat which belonged to her
Lesley said: "I thought it was some kind of sick joke at first. I told them I had a cat but it had been missing since June 2002 and there was no way it could be mine. But they told me to come and have a look and I couldn't believe my eyes."
Staff at the centre think Daisy may have become confused as she went missing shortly after Lesley moved to her house in Churwell and may have been frightened off by traffic.
She was found in Morley, about five mile away from home, and it is thought she had been living in the wild and occasionally being fed by local residents
Lesley said: "The woman who found her noticed she had been chipped and took her to the rescue centre and they information came up straight away on the computer. I can't believe I have got her back after all this time, especially just a day after I lost Jake."