Watch out for the Pangbourne Panther...|Richard_F||12/05/07 at 22:04:33|richard_f|xx|0||From the Reading Evening Post (UK): 3 Dec. 2007
Watch out for the Pangbourne Panther...

AN EARLEY woman says she too has seen the black panther which is believed to
be roaming the Reading countryside.
As the big cat watch hots up, Patricia Lewis claims she witnessed the beast
on the prowl in a wooded valley just outside Pangbourne.
As reported in Friday's Evening Post, Caversham Park Village couple Geoff
and Sylvia Killgallon spotted the mighty moggy stalking the fields around
their home earlier this month.
Mrs Lewis said the article reminded her of the time she watched a
long-tailed black animal hunting on the edge of woods near Ashampstead.
She told the Post: "It was the other side of the river from Pangbourne, out
towards Ashampstead.
"I was driving up the valley road when something caught my attention. I
thought, 'my God, what's that?' and stopped the car to get a better look.
"The animal looked exactly how it was described by the other couple who saw
it. It had a big body, a small head and a very long tail."
She added: "It was hunting and looked healthy with a glossy coat. I don't
think it was very old. It was bounding and prancing as if it was looking for
"It was around lunchtime and in broad daylight. It was in the spring time so
there weren't many leaves on the hedges which meant I could see it very
Having reported the sighting to police, Mrs Lewis told her friends about her
She said: "One friend said she had heard of a big cat in the area known as
the 'Yattendon Beast'.
"The church warden at the church in Ashampstead told me the only other
person to have seen it was a gamekeeper in the area.
"I don't know how far these creatures can roam but perhaps it is the same
Mrs Lewis said she regularly went walking in the area in the hope of
reacquainting herself with the panther but had yet to see it again.
If you have seen a big cat in or around Reading call reporter Thom Airs on
(0118) 918 3009.

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