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Britt Smith

A FRESHWATER Creek farmer believes he spotted an unidentified animal near his home last week.

Harry Cook yesterday told of having watched the mysterious four-legged creature on Friday at 4pm while showing a friend his property.

"We looked into the valley and this strange animal was standing there, with three wedge-tail eagles circling above. It had a dirty grey coat with white stripes on its rib area. I thought, God, it's strange," he said.

"When it saw us it went into a crouching run and took off into the creek."

Mr Cook said the animal was about 1m tall with a small head, long legs and a slim build. He said the tail was upright and hairless, unlike anything he had seen before.

"What I saw wasn't a fox, foxes don't stand that tall. It's a new kid on the block, I suppose," he said.

Liz Wylie also reported seeing a similar creature on her nearby property in Modewarre.

The mum-of-three yesterday said she saw a striped animal three months ago casually walk past her horse being held in a paddock.

"I know what foxes look like and I know what wild dogs look like. This wasn't either of those," she said.

Big cat researcher Simon Townsend said anything was possible but the animal was most likely a mangy fox.

"If it's showing stripes it may be suffering from problems with its coat," he said.||