Motorist spots mystery big cat|selkie||01/11/08 at 20:13:38|selkie|xx|0||A big cat has been sighted making an early morning trek across north Shropshire.

Telford Dairy Crest worker Shaun Yale was travelling to work about 5.40am on Sunday when a large black animal crossed the road in front of him in Shawbury.

“The tail caught my eye, very cat-like, despite the size of the animal,” Shaun said.

“I slowed right down and turned round to see it going through a metal gate and into a field near the former Fox and Hounds pub.

“It was the height of three of the five bars on the gate.”

Driving through the countryside in the early morning Shaun has seen many wild animals, including a spectacular stag and a doe last year.

“The big cat is something you hear stories about, but to see one yourself is amazing,” he said.

Shaun, who lives in Telford, had been driving from his sister’s home in Wem, where he had gone to watch the Ricky Hatton boxing match.||