WHEN BASKETS RULED THE EARTH!|Richard_F|richard@cfz.org.uk|03/13/08 at 15:48:24|richard_f|xx|0||Archaeologist James Adovasio Provides a Counterpoint to Hollywood's 10000
BC: Giant mammoths graze the Earth. Saber-toothed tigers are on the prowl. It's
10,000 B.C., and one piece of technology stands between early humans and early demise.

Is it bows and arrows? Wrong. Is it the spear? Nope. Try the almighty basket --
a handy device that allowed early humans to store the plant materials that made
up about 70 percent of their diets.Surprised?

James Adovasio, director of the anthropology and archaeology department at Mercyhurst College, isn't. He says modern media depictions of fur-clad musclemen knocking around big cats and tackling screaming lizards have pumped our heads full of prehistoric hype for years.
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