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Big cat sighted
By Staff Copy

A LOCAL woman out walking her dog near Selkirk spotted a giant cat
but Edinburgh Zoo says it's unlikely the sighting was of a black
panther, writes Sally Gillespie.

Walker Linda Connor said the creature was black and bigger than her
German Shepherd dog.

A spokesperson for the zoo said they received enquiries about
sightings at least three or four times a year from all over Scotland,
but usually their experts said claims the animals were big cats were

Local farmers Mrs and Mrs Scott Lambie, who have farmed Bridgelands
for more than 10 years, haven't seen the animal. Mrs Lambie said:
"I've never seen it. I have no idea if there is a big cat there. I
wouldn't have thought so, but who knows? My husband's never seen one."

Meanwhile, walk leader Eleanor McCudden is allaying any fears of
Selkirk Walking Festival-goers, saying any panther was likely to be
scared away by a group of walkers.

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