Is mystery beast a jaguar|Richard_F||04/12/08 at 17:39:06|richard_f|xx|0||From the Whitby Gazette (UK): 18 March 2008
Is mystery beast a jaguar
By Carl Gavaghan

THERE has been yet another sighting of the mysterious Beast of the Bay
and some more clues have emerged as to what it could be.
Lee Brennan, a 22-year-old builder from Whitby, happened upon the
animal as he was driving between Hawsker and Stainsacre last Saturday
night just before 7.30pm.

"I was driving along and it was stood in the middle of the road," he said.

"It came up to the front of the bonnet so it was taller than a fox or
a cat. It ran off into the bushes.

"My girlfriend's brother was in the car and we got out to have a look
but couldn't see anything. We have been out every night since trying
to see it again but haven't had any luck."

Lee added when he got home he looked at pictures of big cats on the
internet and believes the cat is not a panther as first thought but
actually a jaguar.

"Looking at all the pictures it definitely looks more like a jaguar
than a panther," said Lee.

The largest type of cat found in the Americas, the jaguar is a
formidable beast.

They can live for 11-12 years in the wild and 20 years in captivity
and can be both spotted and black.