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March 26, 2008

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- A trapper captured a rare black coyote Wednesday in a DeKalb County subdivision.

Residents along Overlook Dr. called in Tim Smith of Catch It Wild when pets in the neighborhood disappeared.

Lisa and Alan Mackey found the remains of their cat Cricket in the woods behind their home. It was obvious the pet had become a meal for the coyote and its mate.

"The mom, she's pregnant; getting ready to have her babies," explained Smith. "I get so many calls in the spring for that one reason; they gotta feed their family."

Smith said the coyote had set up a den right behind the Mackey's house.

"We didn't know how close it was to our house and we discovered that the den is directly behind our house," said a worried Lisa Mackey.

Smith set up another trap, hoping to catch the female.

Because of coyotes' ability to adapt to their surroundings they are thriving in Georgia, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

Increased numbers of coyote sightings in metro Atlanta have created increased concerns for homeowners. However, DNR experts say there is little need for fear. According to information on the DNR web site coyotes are timid and shy animals by nature that tend to steer clear of any potential danger and thus pose little threat to humans. Contrary to popular belief, these animals do not hunt in packs but rather are primarily solitary hunters.

The Department of Natural Resources said small pets should be kept indoors once coyotes are spotted.

They also advise that homeowners donít leave any pet food outdoors and donít put trash cans out the night before pickup.