Cat 'seizures' animal award|shearluck||08/22/08 at 14:10:45|shearluck|xx|0||A cat that goes for help when her disabled owner suffers seizures has been
rewarded with a national prize.*

Two-year-old tabby Speedy, from Aldeburgh in Suffolk, has been named Rescue
Cat of the Year 2008.

Speedy's owner Christine Payne, 19, suffers from epilepsy and progressive
spinal ataxia. She also has severe learning difficulties.

As well as being a faithful companion, Speedy senses Miss Payne's seizures
and alerts the teenager's parents.

The awards ceremony held at London's O2 arena by the charity Cat's
Protection received more than 350 contenders for the title.

Actor Brian Blessed, one of the judges, said: "Speedy's love and compassion
and deep appreciation of Christine's difficulties is truly astonishing and
should be duly rewarded.||